PREEMPT - Virtual Training to Utilise the Online System

Sector Wide Training

Virtual training, live on PREEMPT, is available free of charge, and works well at team events, or with individuals ensuring everyone knows how to use the system. However, Focal Research also provides bespoke training covering all that your team needs to know about the size, makeup, workings, financing, trends, threats and opportunities for your business, from the contracting and social housing sectors. This ensures that every member of your team is operating with the same level of knowledge, whether they are new to this sector, have just joined your team, or are an experienced member seeking to update their knowledge. It also means that business decisions regarding sales targets, production forecasts, product development and marketing campaigns are based on sound, well-informed, sector wide knowledge.
Focal Research - Training New Recruits Social Housing Sector
Focal Research - Social Housing Sector Wide Training