St Andrews Community Housing Association and Kinsman Housing, both small landlords located in Hertfordshire and London respectively, have been deregistered by the Regulator of Social Housing (RSH) due to persistent breaches of the RSH’s standards. Deregistration carries significant consequences, including the possible requirement to transfer properties to another registered provider, loss of eligibility for grant funding from Homes England, and the repayment of grant funding used for new homes. Tenants of deregistered providers also lose certain rights and protections, such as the obligation to be part of the Housing Ombudsman service. The decision to deregister is a result of the organizations’ ongoing failure to address non-compliance and meet the registration criteria set by the RSH. The deregistration stemmed from their inability to adequately control their social housing assets, putting them at undue risk and affecting their financial viability. Both landlords had previously been linked to allegations of selling homes intended for social housing on the open market. The RSH’s decision aims to maintain the integrity of the social housing provider register and ensure adherence to regulatory standards.