Newcastle City Council has said it intends to bring its ALMO, Your Homes Newcastle (YHN) back in house. Following a review of its housing services the Council has said that closing the ALMO was the preferred option out of the three put forward. The decision to review its housing services was in response to the regulatory changes and growing financial pressures the council is under, with Council Officers concluding that the current arrangements for both YHN and the council are “no longer suited to the requirements of a core city delivering strategic housing and landlord roles” and changes are required, including the development of a housing strategy.
Spokesperson for the council said: “We carried out a review to see if there are ways we can improve the way we deliver housing services that will help us to achieve our aim of offering a range of housing options to meet the diverse needs of all our residents.
“We are now considering the options, but no changes will be made until we have carried out an extensive consultation with all those involved.”