What We Can Do

Route to Market Insight

Analyse companies within your industry and view their business approach and current routes to market. 

Custom Report Builder

All our data is available to create personalised reports which can be exported to PDF and Excel.

Sales Area Analysis

Our data is applied to each of your operating regions to provide pie charts, facts and figures for any sales area you wish to examine.

Competitor Analysis

Select & compare any competitors and view where they rank within your industry.

Trust In Our Data

Focal Research carries out it’s own research activities to complement data it obtains from appropriate government departments. All of this data is analysed, explained and interpreted for you. We continually seek to source new market intelligence, particularly as markets shift and mature and new opportunities arise. This process ensures that our clients always have access to practical, informative and high quality data. 

Our Support For You

Our knowledgeable and friendly in house team are here to help, and we will always make time for you; whether that is liaising with your IT department, helping you interpret or find particular data, or expanding our own research to further meet your needs. We can assist with most queries by telephone, email, or live on PREEMPT, or if a Teams meeting or training session is more appropriate, that can be arranged, too.

Bespoke Settings

At Focal Research, we understand that every client is unique. From the products or services they offer to their business approach, organisational structure, and staff, individuality is at the core of each client’s operations. That’s why we’ve designed PREEMPT to be highly flexible and customisable. It empowers you to tailor the way market intelligence and data interact with each member of your staff based on their specific roles, products, regions, operational areas, and more. This adaptability ensures that we can optimise the platform to meet your organisation’s distinct needs and provide the right information to the right people at the right time.

While our ‘Landlord Core Lite’ package begins at £1,499 per year, we understand that there is not always a ‘one size fits all’ solution when it comes to pricing. Therefore, we bespoke every package to meet the individual needs of our customers, ensuring they only pay for the information essential to them.


If you would like to talk to us regarding the products and services that we offer, it would be great to hear from you.

Please call us on 01297 626770 or complete the enquiry form and one of us will be in touch.