Opportunity Size – Quantify Your Potential

Discover the true size of your opportunity in your sales/operating area across the entire UK. We help you gauge the magnitude of your potential market by providing vital statistics such as the total number of homes and the count of Total Social Housing Dwellings, by landlord type.

Custom Sales Regions for Precise Analysis:

We understand that each client’s needs are unique, and that’s why we offer the flexibility to set up custom sales regions for in-depth analysis. Tailor your sales regions to align with your specific business objectives, whether by region, sales area, operational area, county, or any other parameter. This customisation allows you to gain laser-focused insights that cater to your organisation’s distinct requirements, ensuring your analysis is as precise as possible. With the power to define your custom sales regions, you can optimise your approach and make data-driven decisions that drive success.

Unlocking Insights with Stock Analysis Map

Our Stock Analysis Map is a valuable tool for business development and regional managers. It offers a clear and insightful view of where the highest concentrations of social housing stock are located within your area of operation. This feature is designed to help you make informed decisions and prioritise your efforts effectively.

Key highlights of the Stock Analysis Map include:

  • Identifying Stock Hotspots: The map provides an interactive heatmap that vividly illustrates the distribution of dwellings across your sales regions. By visualizing this data, you can quickly identify areas with the most significant social housing stock, allowing you to focus your resources where they matter most.
  • Landlord Insights: Beyond the stock heatmap, each section of the map also provides details about the specific landlords that own this stock. This information is invaluable for understanding the key players in each area and establishing potential partnerships or collaboration opportunities.
  • Customised Views: The Stock Analysis Map offers the flexibility to view data based on your preferences. You can choose to explore the heatmap of dwellings by your custom-defined sales regions, ensuring that the data aligns with your specific focus. Alternatively, you can switch to an organization-centric view to understand which landlords are prominent in each region.

Offices to Target – Focus on the Right Opportunities

Gain clarity on which offices and organisations to target in your sales operating area. We offer a detailed breakdown, including:

  • Local Authority Offices: Find out how many local authority offices oversee social housing in various regions.
  • ALMO Offices (Arms-Length Management Organisations): Identify the offices managing housing stock and their respective percentages of stock under their control.
  • Housing Association Offices: Understand the number of offices run by housing associations and their percentages of the overall stock in your area.
  • Overall Rank by Stock: Determine the ranking of organisations based on the size of the housing stock they manage.
  • Landlord DLO (Direct Labour Organizations) – Know Your Service Providers: Uncover information about Landlord DLOs operating in your area. Learn about their presence and size, especially those managing repairs and maintenance for social housing.