The Housing Ombudsman said it was ‘highly alarming’ that a notable proportion of landlords were not aware of its October 2021 ‘It’s not lifestyle’ spotlight […]
Regulator of Social Housing has issued a Regulatory Notice after Sheffield City Council made a self-referral in November last year following failures to complete annual […]
Emma Williams, Director of Housing and Regeneration at the Welsh government, has written to council chief executives, directors of housing and housing association chief executives […]
Lewisham Council’s leaders have voted to bring the ALMO currently managing their housing stock back under direct council control. The decision follows a consultation last […]
Social rents in Wales will rise by a maximum of 6.5% from April 2023 under a new settlement announced by the minister for climate change. […]
The Guinness Partnership has joined the G15 group of London’s largest Housing Associations. The landlord announced it was joining the G15, in a move that […]
Large association Sanctuary has announced that it is in merger talks with Swan, the same day as Orbit announced that its merger discussions with the […]
The Government’s new Shared Ownership and Affordable Homes Programme 2021-26 was launched on 1st April 2021. This new programme has shifted its focus from previous […]
As we now gradually emerge from lockdown, it is important that all businesses familiarise themselves quickly with the current status of projects; both those that […]